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May 18, 2021

Push Notifications, Studio Enhancements, and More!

Accelevents Studio Enhancements

The wait is finally over! Our studio has been upgraded, providing higher-quality video and audio, the ability to share videos in Main Stage & Breakout Sessions, and any moderator with their camera disabled to be hidden from the attendee view.

Pre-Event Access | Enter Event Button

Organizers can now schedule when attendees are able to enter an event. This is done under the Event Details tab via the Pre-Event Access scheduling tool. Access can begin at the event start time or earlier. The Enter Event button will appear on the event landing page at the scheduled time.

By default, access through the confirmation email and the Enter Event button on the event landing page is 30 minutes before the event start time. 

Push Notifications

To send push notifications during an event, navigate to Engage > Send Push Notifications > Create New. You can create and send notifications immediately or schedule notifications to send throughout the event.

Engage > Send Push Notifications > Create New

Notifications are sent through the browser - users will want to ensure that their browser's notification permissions are set to allow for accelevents.com.

Google Chrome is our recommended browser. 

Creating a Password at Registration

Registrants are now required to Create A Password as a part of their order form. This is the password they will use to log in to all events, even future ones!

If they have an existing Accelevents account, whether they are organizers or they have attended other events on the platform, our system will recognize their email address and prompt them to “Enter Password."

*For attendees that are registered via CSV, integration, or manually, their confirmation email will include a link to create or enter a password before accessing the event.*

Customizing Concurrent Sessions on the Agenda

Users are now able to customize the order appearance of concurrent sessions on the agenda.

To arrange concurrent sessions, drag and drop the sessions via the stack icon on the left-hand side of the tiles.

Individual Lead Generation

A lead will generate on the Leads List once and their rating and activities will update as they interact with the booth. Duplicate leads will not be generated nor reflected on the downloadable CSV report.

iFrame Height Customization

An iFrame is used to apply a window for closed captioning and/or interpretation modules in a session. Users are now able to customize the height of this window, displayed below the stream.

To apply an iFrame and customize the size, navigate to Agenda & Speakers > Session Settings > iFrame and Caption iFrame Height px (pixels).

Stop the Broadcast by Leaving the Studio

When the final speaker exits the studio via the Leave Studio button, the broadcast will stop automatically. If other speakers are still present, this button allows a speaker to leave the studio without ending the broadcast. You are still able to stop the broadcast manually if desired.

Additional Updates

  • Workshop sessions now allow for 25 on-screen participants. A notification will alert you when you reach this limit. The overall capacity of Workshops is still 250 participants.
  • Resolved inconsistencies with image dimensions and how they are displayed on the site.
  • Registration can now extend past the scheduled event end date, allowing for latecomers to experience the event in the 30 days following.
  • Any sessions with the same name will not be duplicated when uploading sessions via CSV.
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