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June 09, 2021

Next Release Scheduled for Monday, June 14th

Send All Speaker Invite Emails & Exhibitor Invite Emails

You're able to send each speaker their invite email with the click of a button. For example, if you disable the speaker invite emails while you build and assign speakers to sessions, you can now easily notify all of your speakers of their specific sessions at once in Agenda & Speakers > Agenda Settings > Send All Speaker Invite Emails.

You can also Send All Exhibitor Invite Emails via Exhibitors & Sponsors > Settings > Disable Exhibitor Invite Email > Send All Exhibitor Invite Emails. 

The option will appear when the email is shown as disabled. This means that when you add a staff member to a booth, they will not be automatically notified. You can then send their invitations all at once in the overall Exhibitor settings, or at the individual level in each of their booth settings.

Import Registrants for Private Sessions

When a session is marked as private, you can import a list of registrants you wish to assign to that session. This can be done via Agenda & Speakers > Session Settings > Set Session as Private > Registrants > Add Existing Attendees to Session.

Enhanced Ticket Types

We offer three ticket types for Hybrid events:

In-Person: provides admission to the in-person portion of a hybrid event and does not include access to the Virtual Event Hub.

Hybrid: includes admission to the in-person portion of the event and access to the Virtual Event Hub.

Virtual: provides access to the Virtual Event Hub only. It does not include admission to the in-person portion of a hybrid event.

Ad Blocker Tooltip

We’re integrating better ways to help ensure your attendees have the optimal experience on the platform. A huge player in this is Ad Blocker settings which are often the culprit for an attendee having issues receiving notifications and updates in the Virtual Event Hub. We’re implementing a pop-up tooltip that encourages attendees to check their permissions and links to assist them with doing so. They’ll see the tip when they first enter the Virtual Event Hub.

Enhanced Ticketing Analytics

Ticket Buyer reporting now includes the registrant’s purchase point like the organizer page and if your ticketing widget is embedded in your website’s homepage.

Updated Zoom (SDK version 1.8.6.)

Enhancing the embed and breakout room experience within the Accelevents platform.

Updated Live Session’s Description Tile

In addition to being shown as “Live,” the session’s start and end times will remain listed in the tile.

Networking ‘Meeting Time Duration’ Available for Paid Packages

Now all plans from Starter through Enterprise include the ability to customize the meeting time duration for networking sessions.

Add-Ons Included in Event Duplication

When an event is duplicated, all add-on options will be duplicated as well.

In-Person Event Agenda

You can now create an agenda for attendees to view on the event landing page for your In-Person event.

Devin May
Customer Success Manager

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June 01, 2021

New Branding, Exhibitor Enhancements, and More!

We have a new look! 

Our reimagined brand and new visual identity represent our evolution as a company and continued dedication to delivering enhanced value to event organizers, agencies, marketing professionals, attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors. You'll notice our updated logo and typeface across our website, the admin console, and your virtual event hub.

Customized Meeting Availability

All event participants can customize their meeting availability in their profiles. When someone clicks "Schedule a Meeting," they can select a time within your availability. This applies to organizers, exhibitor staff, speakers, and attendees.

Polls in Expo Booths

Exhibitors can now ask attendees polling questions in their booth! This is the same interface as the polling tool in Sessions. Simply create a question and add answers, save the poll, and launch! Attendees in your booth will be notified of the poll and others that join will be able to see the questions and answer in the chat. This tool can be found in the attendee view of the booth.

Hide Ticket Pricing on the Event Landing Page

You are now able to hide ticket pricing from the event landing page. Pricing will only be displayed during the registration process, but you are able to advertise the pricing on your landing page or choose to hide it until the point of registration. You can find this in the Set Up Tickets tab in your event Admin Console.

Link an External Site to the Exhibitor CTA

Exhibitors have the option to link the Call to Action button to an external site. When an attendee clicks on the CTA button, they will be generated as a lead and will be redirected to the external link in a new tab. Exhibitors are still able to customize the button text and the confirmation message.

Enhanced Room Controls in Workshops

We’ve added the ability to Mute All, Mute Attendees, Mute Attendees Upon Entry, Stop All Video, Disable Attendee Camera Upon Entry.

Additional Notes:

  • Ability to prevent attendees from joining a session after it starts (Professional & Enterprise only).
  • Ability to hide the organizer on event pages. 
  • Passwords must be at least 8 characters long.
  • When a lead is generated, it will pull contact information from the attendee’s order instead of the attendee profile.
  • In-Person events will no longer have limitations in how many ticket types can be created in any pricing plan.
  • Added WAT (West Africa Time) to the event time zone list.
  • Any change to a Speaker’s profile will automatically update their attendee profile as well.
  • Updated Lounges analytics report to account for uploaded photos and videos, and by which attendee.
  • Added the ability to download the Lounge chat in CSV format.
  • Gamification Challenges cannot be changed once they are live.
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change logs
May 18, 2021

Push Notifications, Studio Enhancements, and More!

Accelevents Studio Enhancements

The wait is finally over! Our studio has been upgraded, providing higher-quality video and audio, the ability to share videos in Main Stage & Breakout Sessions, and any moderator with their camera disabled to be hidden from the attendee view.

Pre-Event Access | Enter Event Button

Organizers can now schedule when attendees are able to enter an event. This is done under the Event Details tab via the Pre-Event Access scheduling tool. Access can begin at the event start time or earlier. The Enter Event button will appear on the event landing page at the scheduled time.

By default, access through the confirmation email and the Enter Event button on the event landing page is 30 minutes before the event start time. 

Push Notifications

To send push notifications during an event, navigate to Engage > Send Push Notifications > Create New. You can create and send notifications immediately or schedule notifications to send throughout the event.

Engage > Send Push Notifications > Create New

Notifications are sent through the browser - users will want to ensure that their browser's notification permissions are set to allow for accelevents.com.

Google Chrome is our recommended browser. 

Creating a Password at Registration

Registrants are now required to Create A Password as a part of their order form. This is the password they will use to log in to all events, even future ones!

If they have an existing Accelevents account, whether they are organizers or they have attended other events on the platform, our system will recognize their email address and prompt them to “Enter Password."

*For attendees that are registered via CSV, integration, or manually, their confirmation email will include a link to create or enter a password before accessing the event.*

Customizing Concurrent Sessions on the Agenda

Users are now able to customize the order appearance of concurrent sessions on the agenda.

To arrange concurrent sessions, drag and drop the sessions via the stack icon on the left-hand side of the tiles.

Individual Lead Generation

A lead will generate on the Leads List once and their rating and activities will update as they interact with the booth. Duplicate leads will not be generated nor reflected on the downloadable CSV report.

iFrame Height Customization

An iFrame is used to apply a window for closed captioning and/or interpretation modules in a session. Users are now able to customize the height of this window, displayed below the stream.

To apply an iFrame and customize the size, navigate to Agenda & Speakers > Session Settings > iFrame and Caption iFrame Height px (pixels).

Stop the Broadcast by Leaving the Studio

When the final speaker exits the studio via the Leave Studio button, the broadcast will stop automatically. If other speakers are still present, this button allows a speaker to leave the studio without ending the broadcast. You are still able to stop the broadcast manually if desired.

Additional Updates

  • Workshop sessions now allow for 25 on-screen participants. A notification will alert you when you reach this limit. The overall capacity of Workshops is still 250 participants.
  • Resolved inconsistencies with image dimensions and how they are displayed on the site.
  • Registration can now extend past the scheduled event end date, allowing for latecomers to experience the event in the 30 days following.
  • Any sessions with the same name will not be duplicated when uploading sessions via CSV.
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change logs
April 27, 2021

Change Log - April 29th, 2021

Hide Moderator From List Of Speakers

When adding a speaker to a session, you can enable “Hide Moderator From List Of Speakers” via the toggle next to their profile. The speaker’s profile will be hidden from the speaker lists and the session description. The Speakers list can be found on the Event Landing Page and in the Virtual Event Hub via the Agenda and Speakers tab.

Hide Contact Info From Exhibitors (Attendees)

Attendee profiles contain a control that allows attendees to hide their contact information from exhibitors. This will exclude them from any leads list in addition to Gamification and any exhibitor analytics reports. Attendees can access their profiles at the top right of the Virtual Event Hub.

“Download Leads” & Exhibitor Lead Accessibility

We’ve removed the “Download Exhibitor” button in the My Booth tab for exhibitor admins. All Lead data will now live in a single report via the Download Leads button. We’ve also added the ability to show or hide the Download Leads button on the My Booth page. This enables organizers to manage how attendee data is collected and distributed to exhibitors. This is done via the toggle “Show Download Lead Button in My Booth” in each booth’s settings.

Additional Notes:

  • Event Logo and Header Images in our email communications from the platform greeted Outlook users disproportionately. We’ve remedied these irregularities and the images will now reflect in the proper, high-quality format we pride ourselves on.
  • As attendees enter the virtual event hub, their profiles will populate in the People tab. For a short time, attendee profiles were populating before attendees accessed the virtual event hub. We ensured that this was not a result of attendees accessing events earlier than scheduled, and have restored the expected behavior.
  • Event Admins are automatically exempt from gaining gamification points when engaging across the virtual event hub. We introduced the ability to gamify Networking sessions and have now ensured that Event Admins will not accrue points and prevent attendees from fair competition.
  • Using TokBox as your substream provider in the Accelevents studio, the maximum duration per session has been increased to 6 hours. In addition, two screens can be shared concurrently in a session.
  • Leads that revisit and interact with booths will no longer be displayed multiple times in Exhibitor Analytics in the Admin Console. Rather than having the data broken out and appearing as duplicate entries, each lead will update as the event progresses and the at-a-glance information will be clear and concise in the analytics tab.
  • Organizers can now provide an on-demand experience for not only attendees who registered before the event, but for any interested registrants that may come along after the live event ends. Both free and paid ticket types are available within the 30-day window post-event.
  • We’ve changed the “My Talks” portal to “My Speaking Schedule,” however, you can customize the tab’s name in Event Website > Virtual Event Hub > Advanced Settings.
  • Now when a product link is applied to an exhibitor’s product, the attendees will see a Learn More button that will take them to the exhibitor’s external site. Using the Shopify link will provide a Buy Now button.
  • Connection request notifications will now clear once they have been viewed or managed by the user.
  • If you’re a new user or you do not have an organizer associated with your Accelevents account, you will be required to create an organizer before creating an event. We’ve made this nice and easy - if you attempt to create an event without an organizer, we will let you know and prompt you to create one!
  • When joining a workshop or studio session, you can check your device settings using our improved Readiness Checker. This is a great troubleshooting tool if needed, but an even better tool for preparation.

This update is scheduled for April 29th, at 11:59 PM (EST). As always. feel free to reach out to our support team through the chat if you want to learn more!

Update: the new feature for manually rearranging concurrent sessions is going through additional testing to ensure it is released in a fully functional state. It should be released in the next couple of days!

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change logs
April 14, 2021

Change Log - April 13th, 2021

“Do Not Record Session ” Toggle for Main Stage & Breakout Sessions using the Accelevents Studio or Accelevents RTMP.

Using an Accelevents stream provider, broadcasts are automatically recorded and available for download. Organizers now have the ability to to disable these recordings if necessary via the “Do Not Record Session” toggle in the Stream Provider portion of each session’s settings.

The Raised Hand feature in Workshop Sessions is now animated to let the Speaker know when an attendee would like to engage.

All participants in a workshop have the ability to “raise their hand” during the session. When this is engaged, speakers will see an animated hand next to the attendee’s name via the Settings (Gear) button in their streaming window.

 Clicking on the hand will disengage the notification. Keep in mind that, for now, raising and lowering hands can only be done by each user individually.

Organizers are now able to customize the text included in both the Speaker and Exhibitor invitation emails. To customize your Speaker Email, navigate to Agenda Settings in the Agenda & Sessions tab of the Admin Console.

To customize the Exhibitor Email, navigate to the Expo Settings in the Exhibitors & Sponsors tab of the Admin Console.

We’ve also updated the default Exhibitor Invitation email message from Access Account to Access Booth. 

We’ve enhanced our color settings, enabling organizers to customize the Main Background Color of the Virtual Event Hub. You are able to customize the Virtual Event Hub’s color scheme via the Virtual Event Hub tab under Event Website in the Admin Console.

If you are hosting an event that includes the Donate module, you are now able to display Donate options within a session. This will enable attendees to donate while attending a live session without having to navigate to the donate page. In the Session settings, enable the toggle Display Donation Buttons Below Video.

Gamification now includes Sessions & Networking.

You are now able to create custom challenges enabling attendees to accrue points through Session attendance and 1-on-1 meet-ups between attendees via Networking. Create new challenges via Gamification under the Engage tab of the Admin Console.

To create a Session Challenge:

    • Select Session in the Area field
    • Select the actions:
      • Visit
      • Watch

Set Points & Parameters:

  • Points (Visit or Watch)
  • Minutes (Length of Visit or Watched)
  • Points Per Session (Visit Only)
  • Trigger: Session Types
      • Select Specific Sessions to Apply Challenge

To create a Networking Challenge:

  • Select Networking the Area Field
  • Select the Actions:
      • Matches
      • Connections
  • Set Points & Parameters
      • Points per Match (Match Only)
      • Sender Points (Connection Only)
      • Receiver Points (Connection Only)
      • Maximum Points Per Session (Match or Connection)
      • Trigger: All Networking

You are now able to select a Product Link or to Embed a Shopify Button in the Exhibitor Products Page. When adding a product, you will select Page URL or Shopify Embed Code. Using the Page URL, the button will display Learn More. With the Shopify button script, it will display the basic layout of the button you created in your Shopify dashboard under the Sales Channel > Buy Button menu.

Additional Notes:

  • We've rebuilt the Accelevents Studio from the ground up and added the ability to play pre-recorded content from within the Studio and now even have hidden moderators!
  • Expo & Sponsorship Logos No Longer Required / Can Be Hidden
  • Enhanced Audio/Visual in Workshop Sessions, Pro Exhibitor Live Streams, and Lounge Live Forums.
  • Enhanced Speed in Networking Sessions
  • When attendees connect within your virtual event, they will stay connected in the next event that they both attend.

We are excited about all of these updates and hope you are too! Please reach out to our Support Team with any questions.

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change logs
March 19, 2021

Change Log - March 19th, 2021


  • Removed the icon at the top-right corner of each product and from the product popup view.
  • Improved the position of the Hand Up feature in Workshop sessions.
  • If there are two simultaneous sessions the grid will display two columns instead of three in the agenda.
  • Names now show an ellipsis sign at their end if they are too big to fit the Gamification board.
  • The count-down timer text for the Raffle and Fund a Need modules has been adjusted.
  • Adjusted the Gamification feature so it won’t be active for Lead Retrievers, Event Admins, Staff and Exhibitor Admins.
  • Attendees will now be redirected to their profile page if all of the left-hand side navigation bar options are hidden.
  • Adjusted the default text for the session type labels and for the left-hand side bar in the Virtual Event Hub.
  • Removed the section “& Links” from the button “Add Documents & Links” in the My Talks area.
  • It’s now impossible to set a negative value for ticket prices.
  • Adjusted the UI responsiveness for Iphone 5.
  • Added the ability to remove the logo image for exhibitors.
  • The new password requirements are now shown during the password reset process.
  • Speakers’ names will now be accompanied by the label “Speaker” in the chat area.
  • Added extra space in the Overview area under the Info Desk tab.
  • Added an option for selecting the currency shown for the prices of the items listed in the Products area.
  • Added a decimal place to the prices of products when showing the updated price if a discount percentage has been added to it.
  • Improved the alignment of the Lobby Feed comment area.
  • Improved the functionalities of the Facebook and Twitter social sharing buttons.
  • Changed the label “Meet Up” to “Networking” in the Agenda&Speakers settings section.
  • Added the profile picture, company name, job title and made the bio expandable in the profile area of your match during a Networking session.
  • Added an option to enable the “No Controls” setting for Youtube videos.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused user names to format incorrectly on several pages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Lead Retriever of one booth to show in every booth.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ringtone noise to play after a call has ended.
  • Fixed an issue with the social sharing links in the Admin Console > Event Website tab and in the Event Landing Page.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the names and the types of sessions to get misaligned.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the checkout page disclaimer to wrap incorrectly if its inner text was too long.
  • Fixed the position of the (Close) button in the Studio page. It should be positioned next to the user's name.
  • Fixed the perpetually loading Q&A data in the Analytics menu.
  • Fixed a typo in the notification message "Answered submitted successfully" which is shown in the Q&A area.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Polls and Q&A areas to not be visible when joining the next session.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in the need to refresh the page when registering attendees to a private session for it to work.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the “Bookmark” button to go out of position.
  • The icon for accepting meeting requests was not updating properly after accepting a request. This is fixed.
  • Fixed an issue that caused both the password reset link and the magic link to return the error message “Error: Something went wrong” when used in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the My Profile page to keep reloading.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented event admins to include Add-Ons in orders created from the Attendee > Add Attendee page in the Admin Console.
  • Fixed an issue with the auto-save feature in the Welcome Message and Custom tab setup pages.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the disclaimer text to wrap incorrectly during the checkout process.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the message “You are joining the meeting!” to be misplaced during a Networking session.
  • Fixed a typo in the device permissions popup window.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the categories in the Expo area to remain visible even after scaling the opacity down to zero.
  • Fixed an issue that caused session analytics to not show data for the Document Name field.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the volume bar to not work on mobile devices.
  • Fixed an issue that caused an event to remain closed even if the opening time is due.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the chat text to be erased mid-typing due to the Q&A area updating.
  • Fixed an issue that caused sessions to not be visible on the Networking and Workshops pages lists of sessions.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Profile name and the notification tab to overlap the chat channel names.
  • Fixed an issue with the colors of sessions while looking at the items in the Agenda under the view-mode number 2.
  • Fixed a navigation issue related to website addresses added without the “https://” section in URL input fields.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the users’ phone numbers to get cut off when registering for an event while already having an account with Accelevents.
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