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July 22, 2021

New Release, July 26th!

Private Questions: Manage and Publish Attendee Questions in the Q&A Tool

To make the Q&A private by default, you can enable Make Q&A Private in the Manage Session Interactivity portion of the session settings. This will allow you and/or your speaker to audit and publish any incoming questions.

Questions can be published for attendees through Answer Live and Publish and Type Answer*. Questions can be discarded and will remain private via Dismiss Question.

*You will have the option to send your written answer privately or publish it for all attendees.

Publishing Your Event

Until your event is published, you will see a red exclamation mark next to the Dashboard tab of your admin console. Events must be published to begin registration, so this is there as a reminder to publish when you’re ready!

Additional Updates:

  • Gamification - Early Bird Challenges will encourage engagement through early bird challenges as soon as attendees are allowed to enter the Virtual Event Hub. You can customize when attendees can enter the VEH in the Event Details tab of your admin console to determine the start of early bird challenges.
  • Gamification - Leaderboard & Challenge Card Enhancements will be updated to clearly display attendees’ points and the challenges’ rules, points value, and progress.
  • Gamification - Points Limit will be 100,000 for challenges.
  • Workshop views can be personalized by changing the layout or pinning specific tiles.
  • Starter & Scale Plans will include the ability to hide or display the number of attendees online during an event.
  • Session Reports will include the Stream Provider details (i.e. Accelevents Studio, Zoom, etc).
  • PDF Tickets will only be included by default for Hybrid and In-Person ticket types.
  • Discount Code Amount(s) can now include a value to the decimal point (i.e. $5.75)
  • Access Code reporting will now include the number of uses.
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