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April 27, 2021

Change Log - April 29th, 2021

Hide Moderator From List Of Speakers

When adding a speaker to a session, you can enable “Hide Moderator From List Of Speakers” via the toggle next to their profile. The speaker’s profile will be hidden from the speaker lists and the session description. The Speakers list can be found on the Event Landing Page and in the Virtual Event Hub via the Agenda and Speakers tab.

Hide Contact Info From Exhibitors (Attendees)

Attendee profiles contain a control that allows attendees to hide their contact information from exhibitors. This will exclude them from any leads list in addition to Gamification and any exhibitor analytics reports. Attendees can access their profiles at the top right of the Virtual Event Hub.

“Download Leads” & Exhibitor Lead Accessibility

We’ve removed the “Download Exhibitor” button in the My Booth tab for exhibitor admins. All Lead data will now live in a single report via the Download Leads button. We’ve also added the ability to show or hide the Download Leads button on the My Booth page. This enables organizers to manage how attendee data is collected and distributed to exhibitors. This is done via the toggle “Show Download Lead Button in My Booth” in each booth’s settings.

Additional Notes:

  • Event Logo and Header Images in our email communications from the platform greeted Outlook users disproportionately. We’ve remedied these irregularities and the images will now reflect in the proper, high-quality format we pride ourselves on.
  • As attendees enter the virtual event hub, their profiles will populate in the People tab. For a short time, attendee profiles were populating before attendees accessed the virtual event hub. We ensured that this was not a result of attendees accessing events earlier than scheduled, and have restored the expected behavior.
  • Event Admins are automatically exempt from gaining gamification points when engaging across the virtual event hub. We introduced the ability to gamify Networking sessions and have now ensured that Event Admins will not accrue points and prevent attendees from fair competition.
  • Using TokBox as your substream provider in the Accelevents studio, the maximum duration per session has been increased to 6 hours. 
  • Leads that revisit and interact with booths will no longer be displayed multiple times in Exhibitor Analytics in the Admin Console. Rather than having the data broken out and appearing as duplicate entries, each lead will update as the event progresses and the at-a-glance information will be clear and concise in the analytics tab.
  • Organizers can now provide an on-demand experience for not only attendees who registered before the event, but for any interested registrants that may come along after the live event ends. Both free and paid ticket types are available within the 30-day window post-event.
  • We’ve changed the “My Talks” portal to “My Speaking Schedule,” however, you can customize the tab’s name in Event Website > Virtual Event Hub > Advanced Settings.
  • Now when a product link is applied to an exhibitor’s product, the attendees will see a Learn More button that will take them to the exhibitor’s external site. Using the Shopify link will provide a Buy Now button.
  • Connection request notifications will now clear once they have been viewed or managed by the user.
  • If you’re a new user or you do not have an organizer associated with your Accelevents account, you will be required to create an organizer before creating an event. We’ve made this nice and easy - if you attempt to create an event without an organizer, we will let you know and prompt you to create one!
  • When joining a workshop or studio session, you can check your device settings using our improved Readiness Checker. This is a great troubleshooting tool if needed, but an even better tool for preparation.

This update is scheduled for April 29th, at 11:59 PM (EST). As always. feel free to reach out to our support team through the chat if you want to learn more!

Update: the new feature for manually rearranging concurrent sessions is going through additional testing to ensure it is released in a fully functional state. It should be released in the next couple of days!

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